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Pre-Foreclosure Sale

If you cannot make your house payments, foreclosure is inevitable if you do not act quickly. If you are facing a foreclosure, we can provide a quick pre-foreclosure resolution and peace of mind.

Facing foreclosure? Request a cash offer now!

Sell Pre-Foreclosure Fast For Cash!

 Are you in a situation of pending foreclosure? Let us make you a fair, pre-foreclosure cash offer on your home.

Foreclosure can greatly impact your credit score but there are ways to avoid foreclosure, if you do not delay. Homeowners that know their options may be able to avoid the negative ramifications of loan default. Are you dreading an upcoming pending foreclosure? Let us make you a fair, pre-foreclosure cash offer on your home, and avoid the negative and stressful consequences that result from a situation of loan default, or similar duress.

Sell Before Foreclosure

Loan modification

If you are facing foreclosure but you want to keep the home, we suggest to first contact your mortgage lender and inquire about a possible loan modification. If your finances and stable and you can afford the payments but are having trouble catching up, the mortgage lender may be willing to offer some sort of modification terms. This process can be lengthy and frustrating, so be prepared for the paperwork and the runaround.

Sell Your Home Before Foreclosure

Sell your home to us!

Sell your home to us before foreclosure! Our investors offer cash, and are able to close the pre-foreclosure sale quickly. Skip having to prepare the property for the market, and avoid needing to shop for a realtor. Time is of the essence. Many facing foreclosure just accept it, lose the home, and suffer the ramifications. This does not have to be you! There are always pre-foreclosure options available but only if you do not delay. Work with us, and receive a fair, cash price for your property.

Stop Foreclosure Short Sale

Sell via short sale

If you have determined that the financial situation is deemed it best to sell the home before foreclosure, it may be worthwhile to consider a short sale. A short sale is where the mortgage lender agrees to accept a sales price that is lower than what is owed on the loan. Beware, as not all lenders will agree to pay off the loan balance, and you may get stuck in a situation where the home is sold but you still owe a balance.

Facing foreclosure? Request a cash offer now!