Our Home Buying Services Reviews

A good friend referred Doug to me. My mom was in a situation where she was living in her childhood family home but could not afford to keep it up. So she decided she wanted to sale. From the moment I met Doug, he had a genuine concern for my mom and was very understanding to the emotional ties she had to her childhood home. He was very patient and worked with my mom and ensured her that nothing would take place until she was secure in her new place. He was amazing throughout this process and made things very easy for her. He is very honest and has a genuine concern for others. We would definitely recommend them!

Tahisha J.

I worked with Lloyd in selling my family home after my mother died. They did an excellent job and were caring about my feelings. They even allowed me to come visit after they finished renovating so I could see it. Their changes would have made my mother proud. Too bad she didn’t have the money to make those changes during her lifetime! Lloyd was excellent and I continue to provide him property addresses I happen to see that might benefit from his work. I do recommend him to anyone.

Suzanne M.

I’ve had a great experience working with the team, getting advice, and strategic meetings about target acquisitions, etc. They have a great responsiveness and the information has been clear, and concise. This has been invaluable in helping me make business decisions about my business. Thanks and look forward to the next one.

Brian L.

Phenomenal team to work with. I work with Doug and his team a few years ago. I was in a bind with a property and they came and save the day. Quick closing smooth process I refer them to all my friends and family they are definitely at the top of the radar! Thanks again I will never forget my experience!

Latisha GC

An awesome team that helps you get out of even the toughest situations! Highly Recommend!

Jessica L.

Doug and his team helped me tremendously with getting out of a nightmare investment property. Doug was extremely professional and responsive throughout the entire process. Closing was quick and easy. I highly recommend Doug and his team. I look forward to working with Doug in the future.

Kelly T.

My experience with them was really wonderful. I reached out to them to see if they’d be interested in a house owned by the elderly mom of a friend of mine. My friend’s mom was very emotional about getting rid of the house she had raised her family in and lived in for decades, but could no longer afford to take care of it. Doug was so sensitive to her feelings and handled it so well, and made the experience a very positive one for her. Doug and his team are very professional and ethical and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer anyone to them!

Julie B.

This team is great to work with! They are very knowledgeable in the real estate business and they know all the ins and outs. Its a pleasure to work with them and learn from their experiences. They will always find solutions that will benefit and satisfy all parties.

Clara M.

They helped me connect with a great realtor who helped me sell my house very quickly and for an amazing price.

Ron W.

Real Estate CPR was, in short, a lifesaver for me in a really pivotal time in my life. They were able to act quickly to get our transaction closed and my proceeds delivered in such a smooth manner, and I was able to move forward after some major changes in my day-to-day dynamic. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

Annie T.

I can’t say enough great things about Doug and his company! He will be by your side from start to finish answering any and all questions you have. They make the process easy and seamless. I will recommend Doug and his team each and every time.

Barred T.

I’m so grateful that you guys were able to help me get my home back in selling shape and get it sold! Thanks again!

CK Williams

Mr. Kinn and his team were very helpful in my endeavors. I would definitely recommend them for any rehabilitation projects one may have. Thank you very much for your hard work and one time performance.

Gerta W.

This team was not only very knowledgeable but their professionalism was top notch! Thank you so much for a job well done. I will definitely use this company again should the need arise!

Jeromy H.

Real-estate can be tricky and stressful to navigate. Doug and his team made the process less scary and a lot easier than I anticipated. They show up and get the job done. High recommend.

XxMystery V.

They really know what they are talking about and offered great solutions to our problem.

Charlotte W.

Doug and his team our very professional and did a great job staying in touch throughout the whole process. You can not ask for a better team.

Kellie G.

The whole team was exceptional in advising me and assisting me with my plans for future properties.

Nyla R.