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Distressed Property Sale

Selling distressed property is a challenging effort today, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It can entail a variety of situations like foreclosure, hoarder houses, vacant, vandalized, or code violations.

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Selling Distressed Property

Selling a property that is in distress presents a unique challenge, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Distressed property encompasses a wide variety of situations. Commonly, in the real estate industry, distressed property is considered any property where the owner cannot make the mortgage, or related, payments. In actuality, mention of such is not just referencing financial problems. For example, a home could be considered in trouble could also include a property that has been vacant and vandalized, or has fallen into disrepair because the owner is not in a capacity to care for it.

COVID-19 has affected just about every family’s finances and knocked us off balance with the way we manage our monies. As financial crisis and unemployment increases, so does the amount of properties that end up in a distressed state. If the trend continues, this means that the market will become saturated with such properties. Therefore, if it makes sense to sell now, to avoid having to compete in the upcoming saturation in home sales industry, we suggest to not delay.

Sell House Due to Financial Distress

Financial problems

Selling a property in these times of COVID-19 can be challenging, yet there are unique opportunities that could be leveraged. Financial situations due to unpaid bills, unemployment, and the extra financial burden of having to adjust to the pandemic, can make for an ideal situation to sell. On the other hand, the great uncertainty of what will happen with home values and the housing market in the long term, can make one hesitant to take action.

Distressed Property Sale for Cash

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Selling a Distressed Property

Physical distress

In the physical sense, a hoarder house, vacant, or vandalized home can also be considered a distressed property. If you are dealing with a situation due to hoarding, vandalism, disrepair, or any other reason, we can help. Many investors and prospective home buyers are looking for a bargain. Yet, properties that are in such a state do entail a certain amount of risk. Regardless, they can be excellent investments for an investor.

Need to sell a property in distress? Request a cash offer now!