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Inheritance & Probate House Sale

You just inherited a house. Now what? Commonly, inheriting a house comes with financial stress and, commonly, with the emotional burden of the loss of a loved one. In many cases, it is best to sell the home. We know this can be a time consuming and emotional situation. We will sell the property quickly, for a fair price.

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Probate & Inheritance Sale

Inheriting a house comes with financial issues, creates an emotional burden, and can be quite stressful.

So, you inherited a house. Now what? If you have decided to not live in the property, or rent the property, then your only other option is to sell the property. Selling a home by inheritance, typically, means that the person that owned the property is no longer living. Therefore, this complicates the sale. In many cases, the property was inherited by more than one person. For example, instead of one person inheriting a property, instead, several siblings may inherit the home of a parent that has passed. In this case, with more than one party, it is common for difficulties to arise when survivors are trying to come to agreement on decisions that need to be made to handle the home. This is where probate comes into play.

Probate is the legal process that designates the rules of how the deceased person’s assets are passed to their heirs. The probate process can be lengthy, confusing, and, typically, it is costly. In the situation of inheritance and probate, it is suggested to consider seeking the help of someone that understands the process. At Real Estate CPR, we are educated and experienced in the realm of buying inherited homes, and homes in the probate process.

Sell an Inheritance House


Some people that inherit a home, for whatever reason, are not interested in living in the property. In this case, an option is to make it a rental property and get some tenants. That being said, some people are not interested in dealing with the hassles that come with property management and renters.

Inheritance Sale Probate House Sale

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Inheritance happens when someone passes away. Just due to the morbid situation, financial issues, and emotional duress, many people just do not have positive emotions about keeping an inherited home. In this case, the option to sell the property is most desirable, and makes good sense. If you want to sell your inherited house fast for cash, without having to worry about repairs, or deal with a real estate agent, your best solution is to sell to an investor like us. We highly recommend you contact us for quick assessment and fair cash price offer. Requesting an estimate for a cash offer from Real Estate CPR is a fast, free, no-obligation process.

Probate House Sale


Probate is the legal process that entails handling the assets of a deceased person’s estate in regarding to their surviving legal heirs. At this time, it is important to know if the deceased had a will. If the deceased did not designate their wishes for the home after their death, the property will probably end up in probate.

Inherit a house and need to sell?