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Sell Rental Property

Rental property comes with the responsibility of being a landlord. Problem tenants, financial burden of vacancy, repairs, taxes and other expenses amplifies the difficulty of trying to survive during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We can sell your rental property.

Whether the rental is vacant, or if there are tenants in place, we can help you sell your investment property.

Keeping up an investment property takes a certain amount of work, time and money. Rental properties can be a lucrative investment but only as long as everything goes as planned. Changes in family, lifestyle, the economy and bad tenants can cause this lucrative investment to turn sour very quickly. So, how do you know if you should sell your rental property, or continue to be a landlord? If you are having trouble keeping the home repaired and maintained, if property values are falling in your area, or if you have problem tenants, this may be a good time to consider selling.

How To Sell Your Rental Property

Invest or not?

Owning investment property is something that many people would say is a no-brainer to make money. On the surface, it seems that may be the case. When it comes down to it, many time there is much more headache involved than it is worth. Becoming a landlord means that you must find tenants, and this brings an uncontrollable element into the situation. If the tenants do not pay the rent on time, or they do not take care of the property, the disadvantages of your money making efforts may quickly outweigh the advantages. In addition, hiring a property manager can lessen the burden but it will cut into your profits.

Sell Rental Property Bad Tenants

Can I sell with tenants in the property?

Having a renter living in the property and trying to sell creates an inconvenient situation, and if the landlord and renter are not on good terms, the situation can become much more involved. To show the property that you are trying to sell comes with having to realize and account for the lease terms, the tenant’s rights, and state and local laws. For some home buyers, having a tenant in place is a deal breaker. For other home buyers, it is something that can be negotiated. Keeping the tenant happy and cooperative is the best scenario for all involved. Many landlords ask, “Can I sell a property with a tenant living in it?” The simple answer is yes; however, this does not mean that you should. Looking for a local home buying expert that can help you determine whether to sell your rental property? We can help!

Rent Or Sell Landlord Concerns

Bad tenants

Good tenants are like gold to a landlord. Bad tenants can be a nightmare. If you have had the experience of having good tenants that pay the rent on time, take care of your property, and respect the rules, then count your blessings. If, on the other hand, if you have had, or are experiencing bad tenants, this is something that must be addressed quickly before the situation escalates. Let us help you determine the best way ahead. We can even work with your tenants, and help with mediation and arrangements to pursue a sale.

Need to sell your rental property? Request a cash offer now!