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Investor/Wholesaler Joint-Venture Real Estate Program

Are you an investor or wholesaler looking for someone to partner with to pursue and maximize your joint-ventures? What separates us from other companies that partner with investors is that we can help out with just about any situation, and for top dollar! Contact us today and learn more about the various options and details of our real estate joint venture program.

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Investor Joint-Venture Program Details.

Are you a wholesale investor, or house flipper looking for great deals in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area? Read more to learn about our program that will allow you to leverage our buyer’s list.

Investor Joint-Venture Program

Are you a real estate investor or wholesaler looking for ways to make more money from joint ventures in real estate? Are you finding great investment opportunities in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, market but are unable to move your deals?

Our Investor/Wholesaler Joint-Venture program is a way for you to leverage OUR BUYER’S LIST, and access our experienced mentors. When you join our Investor Joint-Venture Program, no more time wasted on marketing your deals and hunting for acquisitions. How many more deals could you get if you did not have to worry about finding buyers, and doing all the leg work?

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Investor joint-venture program

We spend a great amount of time and effort finding the buyers that will pay TOP DOLLAR for deals we choose to assign. Why did we change our strategy for finding buyers? Simple, your typical rehabbers and landlords that are doing a great deal of volume are NOT the buyers that will pay you top dollar. We seek out investors and partners that are looking at a fair return, not a home run deal. Now, you have the opportunity to tap into those buyers that we have spent so much time and effort on.

  • Are you finding that your buyers list is constantly low balling you and your deals?
  • Are you struggling to move deals that seem like they make sense from an investment standpoint?
  • Are you good at finding deals, and horrible when it comes to dealing with buyers and negotiations and the backend processes of the business?
  • Are you looking to get TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR WHOLESALE DEALS?
  • Are you struggling with time and not able to put the effort into finding LEGIT, CREDIBLE buyers for your deals?
  • Do you have a deal that has some title issues that you do not know how to push through to get that “Clear to Close?”

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose! We offer a way for you to make more money off your existing leads by selling to us. If you are interested in learning more, contact us and let’s talk.

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We Help Push Your Deals Through to the Finish Line

Our team at Real Estate CPR can assist you with all of the above, and provide that backend support you need to push your deals through to the finish line. We will not only help you underwrite your deals and make sure you’re contracting properties at the right price to move them efficiently, but we will also handle all the transaction coordination needed to get your deal closed.

The process is simple:

  • Simply fill out our Joint Venture webform and provide us some details of the property.
  • An agent from our team will reach out to you to discuss how we can help.
  • If we feel it would benefit from exposure to our massive buyers list (most times it will), we will create a marketing packet outlining the deal and get you in front of the investors that will pay TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR DEALS.
  • Sit back and wait for us to bring you offers and get your deal to the finish line.
  • Collect a check.
Apply Now to Join Our Investor Joint-Venture Program