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Whether we purchase your property or not, we believe in giving families unbiased opinions on the state of their property. Providing you with many different options and knowledge so that you and your family can make the best decision for YOU… NOT US.

We believe highly in INTEGRITY. We do EXACTLY what we say we are going to do. Unfortunately we live in a market where “so called investors” lock up properties at high price points and then cannot perform. This is something we DO NOT believe in. We don’t want to waste your time. We have closed over 100 Real Estate Transactions the past 3 years and have only had ONE contract not close (title issues) that we could not get through.

Many companies preach this but cannot back it up. Because we do not have large company overhead, we can make extremely competitive CASH OFFERS, and have solutions that can sometimes offer as much as FULL RETAIL.

We believe in relationships with our clients that last a lifetime. We want what is best for you and your family as much as you do. We do not want to buy one property from our clients and then never speak to them again. In fact, the majority of our clients not only sell us one property, they sell us multiple over the years, and/or bring friends, family, colleagues to us because they know we will treat them fairly.

Many companies preach this, we actually BACK IT UP.

Nobody knows this area better. We believe in helping others persevere through their struggles when it comes to real estate. We were born, raised, and remain local here in Hampton Roads and believe in FAMILY. When you reach out to Real Estate CPR Home Buyers of Virginia, what you are getting is a small family owned company that works WITH YOU.. right by your side, every step of the way no matter what you’re dealing with.

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Professional, quality, and expert certified home buyers in Hampton Roads, Virginia

They helped me connect with a great realtor who helped me sell my house very quickly and for an amazing price.

By Ron W.

I’ve had a great experience working with the team, getting advice, and strategic meetings about target acquisitions, etc. They have a great responsiveness and the information has been clear, and concise. This has been invaluable in helping me make business decisions about my business. Thanks and look forward to the next one.

By Brian L.

They really know what they are talking about and offered great solutions to our problem.

By Charlotte W.

Work directly with our team of local certified home buyers.

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Welcome to Real Estate CPR Home Buyers of Virginia

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Team members

Our team members were born, raised, and remain a local Hampton Roads family, helping families with all of their real estate needs. We offer integrity, compassion and understanding, transparency and communication, patience, and unwavering commitment to providing you with quality service. Our goal is a creating relationships with our clients that last a lifetime.

We believe highly in integrity, and we do EXACTLY what we say we are going to do. With our large company overhead, we can make extremely competitive CASH OFFERS. Our services help others perserve through their real estate struggles. When you reach out to Real Estate CPR, you get a local, family-owned company that works WITH YOU, right by your side, every step of the way, no matter what the situation.

Douglas Kinn
Douglas Kinn
Co-Owner, Professional Home Buyer, Construction and Flip Management Expert

Douglas Kinn is a Virginia Beach native since a young age. Douglas has dealt with many losses including his father at a young age of 12, his older brother in 2008, and his mother in 2016. Through turmoil and faith, he has learned how to be empathetic to those dealing with similar situations and takes pride in providing hope and drive for the people around him.

Bringing 15+ years of experience in construction, contracting, and real estate investment, he often can find “win-win” situations for families dealing with just about any situation. Douglas is a single father who’s driving force is his 7 year old boy, and helping others around him become the best they can be daily.

Llloyd Ginnetti
Llloyd Ginnetti
Acquisitions Specialist, Professional Home Buyer, Construction Expert

Lloyd grew up in Virginia Beach and was in the commercial and residential contracting space for 20 years prior to getting into Real Estate. He has a deep knowledge of construction and Real Estate Acquisitions. As with the remainder of the team, Lloyd has dealt with many serious health issues in his immediate family, from his father having triple bypass surgery, to his mother still being with us today because of a heart transplant.

Lloyd not only has many great solutions for buying real estate regardless of the situation, but he also has a heart of gold and is a giver in every aspect of the word. He has been with his wife for 20 years and has two beautiful children who are the apple of his eye.